“Overall we had a wonderful dinner and great steak. I think the quality of the food, combined with artful presentation and friendly service is definitely worth a repeat visit” – Rebusaurus Eats

“Exceptional service, excellent food and drinks. Best in Richmond!” – Opinions Count

“My entree, the 7 oz filet mignon! It was fantastic. I got it medium rare and finally, a place where it actually comes medium rare. Most places I’ve been to lately or in the past year has always failed to deliver medium rare when I ask for it. The inside was bloody red, and the juice came out of that filet was fabulous.”- KayEatsfood

Dine Out Steak Night

We like steak on a budget, so we try to take advantage of Dine Out Vancouver when we crave beef. At the $39 price point, this was a good deal – katcob, Richmond, Canada

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