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CALAMARI lemon marinated squid, red onion, green onion, tomato, cucumber, tzatziki 11

PRAWN MARTINI cinnamon infused horseradish cocktail sauce 12

PAN SEARED SCALLOPS & PRAWNS spice garlic butter, cilantro, quinoa, red pepper emulsion 14

SWEET & SPICY BEEF BITES  Alberta AAA beef cubes, ginger, garlic, scallions, sesame seeds 12

PACIFIC SHRIMP & DUNGENESS CRAB CAKES balsamic reduction, mango salsa 13 

HALF SHELL CHAMPAGNE BAKED OYSTERS mushrooms, scallions, parmesan cheese, spinach, champagne sauce 16

RED WINE BRAISED BEEF SHORT RIB grilled peach, goat cheese, raita, cilantro 14

ESCARGOT flat-leaf parsley, brandy, white wine, shallot, butter garlic, parmesan cheese 14

SPICY TUNA MARTINI seared rare Albacore tuna, Thai rice salad, jalapenos, lemon & lime juice, sesame oil, daikon & carrot strings, sesame crisp 14

DUNGENESS CRAB & SPINACH DIP crab meat, cream and parmesan cheese, artichoke hearts, baby spinach, Carver’s bread 14


PACIFIC NORTH WEST SEAFOOD CHOWDER creamy chowder, wild BC salmon, clams, shrimp 8

BEEF GOULASH traditional Hungarian beef soup, beef, onion, vegetables, spices, paprika, bacon 8

CAESAR SALAD Chef’s caesar dressing, grana padano cheese, pesto parmesan croutons  8

ICEBERG WEDGE SALAD tomato, radishes, scallions, blue cheese, double smoked lardon, French or blue cheese dressing 8 

QUINOA MARTINI beets, cranberries, almonds, cilantro, olive oil, lime juice 8

ARUGULA SPINACH SALAD watermelon radish, arugula, orange, green onion, spinach, red onion, feta cheese, pomegranate molasses, orange vinaigrette 8

Add to any salad 4oz New York or 5oz Chicken breast or 5 Black tiger prawns or 4 oz seared rare Albacore tuna for  9


CHICKEN  CUTLETS pan fried breaded chicken breast, truffle mushroom glaze, seasonal vegetables, whipped Yukon gold potatoes  23

PAN ROASTED SALMON & QUINOA almonds, cranberries quinoa salad, orange dressed arugula, pomegranate molasses 25

CARVER’S SURF & TURF Albacore tuna, beef sirloin, seasonal vegetable, whipped Yukon gold potatoes, corn mango salsa, red pepper emulsion 35

BLACKENED TUNA corn mango salsa, pomegranate molasses, grana padano potato gratin, mango salsa 29

CARVER’S CHEESEBURGER Alberta AAA ground chuck beef burger, cheddar cheese, bacon, chipotle mayo, lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickle, steak fries 15

RACK OF LAMB 12oz Carver’s grana padano gratin potato, virgin olive oil seared, red zinfandel glaze, Richmond farms seasonal vegetables 35

BRAISED ALBERTA AAA BEEF SHORT RIB Carver’s grana padano gratin potato, Richmond farms seasonal vegetables, roasted bone marrow-port wine reduction 32

LOBSTER FETTUCCINI spice pesto alfredo sauce, lobster crusher claw meat, red pepper, mushroom, white wine 24


Carver’s steaks are the finest grade available in Canada and specially selected. Aged a minimum of 28 days and marinated for a week in cold pressed olive oil blended with our Chef’s secret spices. A signature fusion of Carver’s flavor combines with succulent, flavorful, tender steaks. Broiled at over 1800 degrees, flash seared to lock in flavor.

AAA. FILET MIGNON herb butter, Carver’s grana padano gratin potato, seasonal vegetables. Centre cut filet, most tender, milder in flavor      7oz. 34    10oz. 39

ALBERTA AAA BEEF NEW YORK STEAK herb butter, Carver’s grana padano gratin potato, seasonal vegetables Alberta AAA beef centre cut strip loin, full bodied texture      10 oz. 29   12 oz. 33

ALBERTA AAA BEEF RIB EYE, 10 oz herb butter, Carver’s grana padano gratin potato, seasonal vegetables. The rib eye, an example of Alberta AAA beef at its best, richly marbled, intense flavors 34

ALBERTA AAA BEEF TOP SIRLOIN 7 oz. herb butter, Carver’s grana padano gratin potato, seasonal vegetables, Alberta AAA beef tender cut off the short loin from T-bone 26

CARVER’S OSCAR ALBERTA AAA BEEF TOP SIRLOIN 7 oz. creamy crab & artichoke hearts, mushrooms, parmesan cheese, Carver’s grana padano gratin potato, seasonal vegetables 33


ALBERTA AAA BEEF SIZZLING NEW YORK 11oz herb butter, Carver’s grana padano gratin potato, seasonal vegetables 31

ALBERTA AAA BEEF SIZZLING RIB EYE 11oz herb butter, Carver’s grana padano gratin potato, seasonal vegetables 36

ALBERTA AAA BEEF SIZZLING SIRLOIN 7oz herb butter, Carver’s grana padano gratin potato, seasonal vegetables 26


Garlic butter prawns 9
Onion rings 6
Creamed corn 6
Buttermilk mashed potato 6
Steak fries 6
Russet baked potato 6
Bourbon peppercorn sauce 4
Veal port wine reduction 4
Sauteed mushrooms 7
4oz Lobster meat 15
Creamy spinach 7
Seasonal vegetables 6


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